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  Stars » Angel Jiang 蔣勤勤

Angel Jiang 蔣勤勤

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

3 September, 1975
Chongqing, China

Angel Jiang Filmography:

TV Series:

Angel Jiang Photos:

Angel Jiang in Seven Nights (2005) - Movie

Seven Nights Movie Poster, 2005, Angel Jiang

Angel Jiang in Face Powder Family (2006) - TV Drama Series

Face Powder Family Poster, 2006, Angel Jiang

Angel Jiang in The Last Concubine (2003) - TV Drama Series

The Last Concubine Poster, 2003, Angel Jiang

Angel Jiang in Wind and Cloud (2002) - TV Drama Series

Wind and Cloud Poster, 2002, Actor: Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhuo, Chinese Drama Series

Angel Jiang in Grief Over Qinghe River (2001) - TV Drama Series

Grief Over Qinghe River Poster, 2001

Awards and Nominations

2004 Golden Rooster Awards
Nominee - Best Actress - Angel Jiang - My Sister's Dictionary

2005 Golden Phoenix Awards
Winner - Female Actor - Angel Jiang - My Sister's Dictionary

2006 Golden Eagle Awards
Winner - Human Spirit Award - Angel Jiang - Qiao Family Courtyard

2007 Hua Ding Awards
Winner - Public Most Satisfied Artist - Angel Jiang

Angel Jiang at Sina Entertainment 新浪娛樂
Angel Jiang at Sohu Entertainment
Angel Jiang at QQ Entertainment
Angel Jiang at 163 Entertainment


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