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  Stars » Dong Jie 董潔

Dong Jie 董潔

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
19 April, 1980
Dalian, Liaoning, China

Dong Jie Filmography:

TV Series:

Dong Jie Photos:

Dong Jie in The Seal of Love (2011) - Movie

The Seal of Love Movie Poster, 2011

Dong Jie in Last Love First Love (2004) - Movie

Last Love First Love Movie Poster, 2004, Actress: Xu Jinglei, Chinese Film

Dong Jie in Sound of Colors (2003) - Movie

Sound of Colors Movie Poster, 2003, Actress: Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah, Hong Kong Film

Dong Jie in Sky Lovers (2002) - Movie

Sky Lovers Movie Poster, 2003, Actor: Liu Ye, Chinese Film

Dong Jie in You Are My Brother (2011) - TV Drama Series

You Are My Brother Poster, 2011

Dong Jie in The Legend of Chen Zhen 精武風云•陳真 (2008) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Chen Zhen Poster, 2008

Dong Jie in Butterfly Lovers (2007) - TV Drama Series

Butterfly Lovers Poster, 2007

Dong Jie in Flying Daggers (2003) - TV Drama Series

Flying Daggers Poster, 2003, Actress: Ruby Lin Xin-Ru, Chinese Drama Series

Awards and Nominations:

2004 Hundred Flowers Awards
Nominee - Best Actress - Dong Jie - Sound of Colors

2001 Huabiao Film Awards
Winner - Outstanding New Actress - Dong Jie - Happy Times

2011 Hua Ding Awards
Winner - Favorite Movie Star - Dong Jie

2007 Hua Ding Awards
Winner - Public Most Satisfied Artist - Dong Jie

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