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Joseph Chang 張孝全

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Chinese Name:

28 December, 1983
Zhang Xiaoquan
張孝全 (Traditional)
张孝全 (Simplified)

Joseph Chang Filmography:

TV Series:

Joseph Chang Photos:

Joseph Chang in
Prince of Tears 淚王子 (2009) - Movie

Prince of Tears Movie Poster, 2009 Prince of Tears Movie Poster,

Joseph Chang in Step by Step (2009) - Movie

Step by Step Step by Step

Joseph Chang in My So-called Love (2008) - Movie

My So-called Love Movie Poster, 2008, Actress: Barbie Hsu Hsi Yuan, Taiwanese Film

Joseph Chang
in Ballistic (2008) - Movie

Ballistic Ballistic

Joseph Chang in Keeping Watch (2007) - Movie

Keeping Watch Movie Poster, 2007 Keeping Watch Movie Poster, 2007, Joseph Chang

Joseph Chang in Love You 醉後決定愛上你 (2011) - TV Drama Series

Love You Poster, 2011

Joseph Chang in Blazing Courage (2004) - TV Drama Series

Blazing Courage Poster, 2004, Actor: Blue Lan Cheng-Long, Taiwanese Drama Series

Joseph Chang in The Legend of Speed (2004) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Speed Poster, 2004, , Actress: Rainie Yang Cheng-Lin, Chinese Drama Series

Joseph Chang in Love Train (2003) - TV Drama Series

Love Train Poster, 2003, Actor: Alec Su You Peng, Taiwanese Drama Series

Awards and Nominations:

43rd Golden Horse Awards

Nominee - Best Supporting Actor - Joseph Chang - Eternal Summer
Nominee - Best New Performer - Joseph Chang - Eternal Summer

2007 Chinese Film Media Awards
Nominee - Best New Performer - Joseph Chang - Eternal Summer

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