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  Stars » Li Yixiang 李易祥

Li Yixiang 李易祥

Place of Birth: Henan, China
Origin: China
Occupation: Actor

Li Yixiang Filmography:

TV Series:

Li Yixiang Photos:

Li Yixiang in No Kidding (2010) - Movie

No Kidding, Li Yixiang No Kidding

Li Yixiang in Invisible Killer 無形殺 (2009) - Movie

Invisible Killer

Li Yixiang in Lao Wu's Oscar 老五的奧斯卡 (2009) - Movie

Lao Wu's Oscar, Li Yixiang Lao Wu's Oscar Lao Wu's Oscar Lao Wu's Oscar

Li Yixiang in Lost and Found (2008) - Movie

Lost and Found

Li Yixiang in Crazy Lottery (2007) - Movie

Crazy Lottery

Li Yixiang in Dream to Be Honorable 1942 (2010) - TV Drama Series

Dream to Be Honorable 1942 Poster, 2010, Actress: Tiffany Tang Yan

Awards and Nominations:

2007 Beijing Student Film Festival - Jury Award
Winner - Best Actor - Li Yixiang - One Foot Off the Ground

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