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Liao Fan 廖凡

Liao Fan Filmography:

TV Series:

Liao Fan Photos:

Liao Fan in Love on Credit (2011) - Movie

Love on Credit Movie Poster, 2011

Liao Fan in Showtime 用心跳 (2010) - Movie

Showtime Movie Poster, 2010, Actor: Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Hong Kong Film

Liao Fan in Assembly (2007) - Movie

Assembly Movie Poster, 2007, Liao Fan

Liao Fan in Getting Home (2007) - Movie

Getting Home

Liao Fan in Curiosity Kills the Cat (2006) - Movie

Curiosity Kills the Cat Movie Poster, 2006, Actor: Hu Jun, Chinese Movie

Liao Fan in Gimme Kudos (2005) - Movie

Gimme Kudos Movie Poster, Liao Fan

Liao Fan in Meeting Youth (2002) - TV Drama Series

Meeting Youth Poster, 2002, Liao Fan

Awards and Nominations:

45th Golden Horse Awards
Nominee - Best Actor - Liao Fan - Ocean Flame

2010 QQ Entertainment Awards
Winner - Favorite Movie Actor - Liao Fan

2007 Chinese Film Media Awards
Nominee - Best Supporting Actor - Liao Fan - Curiosity Kills the Cat

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