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Megan Lai 賴雅妍

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
5 December, 1979
Yonghe, Taiwan

Megan Lai Filmography:

TV Series:

Megan Lai Photos:

Megan Lai in Forgive Me Not (2011) - Movie

Forgive Me Not Movie Poster, 2011

Megan Lai in L-O-V-E 愛到底 (2009) - Movie

L-O-V-E Movie Poster, 2009, Megan Lai

Megan Lai in Chocolate Rap (2006) - Movie

Chocolate Rap

Megan Lai in Because of You (2010) - TV Drama Series

Because of You Poster, 2010, Megan Lai

Megan Lai in Story of Time (2008) - TV Drama Series

Story of Time Poster, 2008

Megan Lai in Sweet Relationship (2007) - TV Drama Series

Sweet Relationship Poster, 2007, Megan Lai

Megan Lai in White Robe of Love (2006) - TV Drama Series

White Robe of Love Poster, 2006, Megan Lai

Megan Lai in Silence (2006) - TV Drama Series

Silence Poster, 2006, Megan Lai

Awards and Nominations:

42nd Golden Horse Awards
Nominee - Best New Performer - Megan Lai - How's Life

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