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  Stars » Penny Lin 林韋君

Penny Lin 林韋君

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
7 june, 1978

Penny Lin Filmography:

TV Series:

Penny Lin Photos:

Penny Lin in The Sun's Daughter (2007) - TV Drama Series

The Sun's Daughter, Penny Lin

Penny Lin in Acquired Beauty (2005) - TV Drama Series

Acquired Beauty Poster, 2005, Actress: Betty Huang Yi, Hot Picture, Chinese Drama Series

Penny Lin in The 100th Bride (2005) - TV Drama Series

The 100th Bride Poster, 2005

Penny Lin in 100% Senorita (2004) - TV Drama Series

100% Senorita Poster, 2004

Penny Lin at Sina Entertainment 新浪娛樂
Penny Lin at Sohu Entertainment
Penny Lin on Sina Weibo


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