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  Stars » Roy Qiu 邱澤

Roy Qiu 邱澤

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Chinese Name:

14 October, 1981
Actor, Singer
Qiu Ze
邱澤 (Traditional)
邱泽 (Simplified)

Roy Qiu Filmography:

  • Good Luck! Boy 加油!男孩 (2013)
  • L-O-V-E 愛到底 (2009)
  • Poetry of Summer (2008)
  • PS...I Love U (2004)
TV Series:

Roy Qiu Photos:

Roy Qiu in L-O-V-E 愛到底 (2009) - Movie

L-O-V-E Movie Poster, 2009, Roy Qiu

Roy Qiu in Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝 (2011)  - TV Drama Series

Office Girls Poster, 2011

Roy Qiu in Love Waking Up 愛情睡醒了 (2011) - TV Drama Series

Love Waking Up Poster, 2011, Roy Qiu

Roy Qiu in Unbeatable 無懈可擊之高手如林 (2011) - TV Drama Series

Unbeatable Poster, 2011, Roy Qiu

Roy Qiu in Love Is Really Good 愛情真善美 (2011) - TV Drama Series

Love Is Really Good Poster, 2011, Roy Qiu

Roy Qiu in Xia Family Three Daughters (2010) - TV Drama Series

Xia Family Three Daughters Poster, 2010, Roy Qiu

Roy Qiu in The Girl in Blue (2010) - TV Drama Series

The Girl in Blue Poster, 2010, Chinese Drama Series

Roy Qiu in Liao Zhai 3 (2010) - TV Drama Series

Liao Zhai 3 Poster, 2010

Roy Qiu in Woody Sambo (2008) - TV Drama Series

Woody Sambo Poster, Amber Kuo

Roy Qiu in Wind Warrior (2005) - TV Drama Series

Wind Warrior Poster, 2005, Peter Ho

Roy Qiu in Ping Pong (2004)  - TV Drama Series

Ping Pong Poster, 2004, Actor: Peter Ho Jun-Tung, Taiwanese Drama Series

Roy Qiu in Starry Starry Night (2003) - TV Drama Series

Starry Starry Night Poster, 2003, Actor: Peter Ho Jun-Tung, Chinese Drama Series

Roy Qiu in Original Scent of Summer (2003) - TV Drama Series

Original Scent of Summer Poster, 2003, , Actress: Rainie Yang Cheng-Lin, Chinese Drama Series

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