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Sonia Sui 隋棠

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Chinese Name:

22 October, 1981
Nantou, Taiwan
Actress, Model
Sui Tang
隋棠 (Traditional)
隋棠 (Simplified)

Sonia Sui Filmography:

TV Series:

Sonia Sui Photos:

Sonia Sui in Make Up 命運化妝師 (2011) - Movie

Make Up Movie Poster, 2011, Sonia Sui

Sonia Sui in The Fierce Wife (2010) - TV Drama Series

The Fierce Wife Poster, 2010

Sonia Sui in P.S. Man (2010) - TV Drama Series

P.S. Man Poster, 2010, Actor: Blue Lan Cheng-Long, Taiwanese Drama Series

Sonia Sui in The Happy Times of That Year (2009) - TV Drama Series

The Happy Times of That Year Poster, Amber Kuo

Sonia Sui in The Magicians of Love (2006) - TV Drama Series

The Magicians of Love

Sonia Sui in The Legend of Speed (2004) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Speed Poster, 2004, , Actress: Rainie Yang Cheng-Lin, Chinese Drama Series

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