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Wu Chun 吳尊

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Chinese Name:

10 October, 1979
Actor, Singer
Wu Zun
吳尊 (Traditional)
吴尊 (Simplified)

Wu Chun Filmography:

TV Series:

Wu Chun Photos:

Wu Chun in My Kingdom 大武生 (2011) - Movie

My Kingdom Movie Poster, 2011, Wu Chun My Kingdom Movie Poster, 2011, Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu

Wu Chun in 14 Blades 錦衣衛 (2010) - Movie

Wu Chun Wu Chun 14 Blades 14 Blades

Wu Chun in Butterfly Lovers (2008) - Movie

Butterfly Lovers Butterfly Lovers Butterfly Lovers

Wu Chun in Sunny Girl (2011) - Movie

Sunny Girl Poster, 2011

Wu Chun in Hot Shot (2008) - TV Drama Series

Hot Shot Poster, 2008, Actor: Jerry Yan Cheng-Xu, Taiwanese Drama Series

Wu Chun in Romantic Princess (2007) - TV Drama Series

Romantic Princess Poster, 2007

Wu Chun in The X-Family (2007) - TV Drama Series

The X-Family Poster, 2007

Wu Chun in Hana Kimi (2006) - TV Drama Series

Hana Kimi Poster, 2006

Wu Chun in Tokyo Juliet (2006) - TV Drama Series

Tokyo Juliet Poster, 2006, Actress: Ariel Lin Yi-Chen, Taiwanese Drama TV Series

Wu Chun in KO One (2005) - TV Drama Series

KO One Poster, 2005

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