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  Stars » Yin Tao 殷桃

Yin Tao 殷桃

Yin Tao Filmography:

TV Series:

Yin Tao Photos:

Yin Tao in The Legend of Yang Guifei (2010) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Yang Guifei, Yin Tao

Yin Tao in Love, Break Up (2007) - TV Drama Series

Love, Break Up, Yin Tao

Yin Tao in New Become (2006) - TV Drama Series

New Become Poster, 2006, Yin Tao

Awards and Nominations

2006 Golden Eagle Awards
Winner - Favorite Actress - Yin Tao - Pick the Wrong Car

2008 Shanghai TV Festival
Nominee - Best Actress - Yin Tao - Lifetime of a Woman

Yin Tao at Sina Entertainment 新浪娛樂
Yin Tao at Sohu Entertainment
Yin Tao at QQ Entertainment
Yin Tao at 163 Entertainment


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