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You Yong 尤勇

Date of Birth: 13 December, 1963
Place of Birth: Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Origin: China
Occupation: Actor

You Yong Filmography:

TV Series:

You Yong Photos:

You Yong in The Founding of a Republic 建國大業 (2009) - Movie

The Founding of a Republic Movie Poster, 2009, Actor: Huang Xiaoming, Chinese Film

You Yong in Red Cliff II (2009) - Movie

Red Cliff II

You Yong in Red Cliff (2008) - Movie

Red Cliff

You Yong in Underdog Knight (2008) - Movie

Underdog Knight

You Yong in Romancing Hong Kong (2003) - TV Drama Series

Romancing Hong Kong Poster, 2003, , Actress: Li Bingbing, Chinese Drama Series

Awards and Nominations

1992 Golden Rooster Awards
Nominee - Best Supporting Actor - You Yong - Bell of Purity Temple

2000 Hundred Flowers Awards
Winner - Best Supporting Actor - You Yong - Crash Landing

2001 Golden Phoenix Awards
Winner - Male Actor - You Yong

1997 Golden Eagle Awards
Winner - Best Actor - You Yong - Great Family

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