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  Stars » Yu Na 于娜

Yu Na 于娜

Yu Na Filmography:

TV Series:

Yu Na Photos:

Yu Na in Sweet Journey 雲下的日子 (2011) - Movie

Sweet Journey Movie Poster, 2011, Yu Na

Yu Na in The Four Cupids (2010) - Movie

The Four Cupids Movie Poster, Yu Na The Four Cupids Movie Poster

Yu Na in Chongqing Girl 重慶美女 (2009) - Movie

Chongqing Girl Chongqing Girl

Yu Na in The Legend of Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖傳奇 (2011) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Chinese Zodiac Poster, 2011

Yu Na in Treacherous Waters (2004) - TV Drama Series

Treacherous Waters Poster, 2007, Actor: Julian Cheung Chi-Lam, Chinese Drama Series

Yu Na in One Meter Sunshine (2003) - TV Drama Series

One Meter Sunshine Poster, 2003, Actor: Peter Ho Jun-Tung, Chinese Drama Series

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