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  Stars » Yu Rongguang 于榮光

Yu Rongguang 于榮光

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
30 August, 1958
Beijing, China
Hong Kong

Yu Rongguang Filmography:

TV Series:

Yu Rongguang Photos:

Yu Rongguang in My Kingdom 大武生 (2011) - Movie

My Kingdom Movie Poster, 2011, Barbie Hsu

Yu Rongguang in East Wind Rain 東風雨 (2010) - Movie

East Wind Rain Movie Poster, 2010, Actor: Yu Rongguang, Chinese Film

Yu Rongguang in Underdog Knight (2008) - Movie

Underdog Knight

Yu Rongguang in Brothers (2007) - Movie

Brothers Movie Poster, 2007, Actor: Andy Lau Tak-Wah, Hong Kong Film

Yu Rongguang in Ice Is the Sleeping Water (2010) - TV Drama Series

Ice Is the Sleeping Water Poster, 2010

Yu Rongguang in Iron Face Singing Girl (2010) - TV Drama Series

Iron Face Singing Girl Poster, 2010

Yu Rongguang in Three Kingdoms (2010) - TV Drama Series

Three Kingdoms 2010

Yu Rongguang in Bad Fate (2010) - TV Drama Series

Bad Fate Poster, 2010

Yu Rongguang in Guanzhong Justice Matter (2007) - TV Drama Series

Guanzhong Justice Matter, 2007

Yu Rongguang in Romance of Red Dust (2006)  - TV Drama Series

Romance of Red Dust Poster, 2006

Yu Rongguang in Harmony (2004) - TV Drama Series

Harmony Poster, 2004

Yu Rongguang in Heroic Legend 萍蹤俠影 (2003) - TV Drama Series

Heroic Legend Poster, 2003, Actress: Fan Bingbing, China Drama Series

Yu Rongguang in Legend of Chen Zhen (2002) - TV Drama Series

Legend of Chen Zhen Poster, 2002

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